This is what an iPhone 6 Plus in liquid n2o nitrogen looks like in this video

The short answer is that it doesn’t actually look as bad as you might think. For all of the advantages of an iPhone, one drawback is they generally have to be handled fairly daintily. Apparently, that’s not how RatedRR thinks it should be. He’s made a few different “torture tests” for technology videos, but this time he took on Apple’s newest baby, the iPhone 6 Plus. His tests usually involving smashing, shooting, stomping, or otherwise putting technology through very intense paces, but in this video, creator Ryan Richards decided to use liquid nitrogen to separate the phones from the fails.

This is actually a two-part technological torture test. First, the iPhone 6 Plus is submerged in liquid nitrogen for a few seconds. The absolutely insane thing is that when it’s retrieved, it actually functions for a few seconds. It stops working pretty quickly, but the fact that it doesn’t stop working instantly one it’s in the bucket speaks to some heavy duty design. This is despite the fact that the liquid nitrogen is literally bubbling inside the phone.

The second part of the test is when Ryan takes a sledge hammer to the poor thing. The slow motion on this is pretty incredible. But what’s even more impressive is that a lot of the components survive the hit. Obviously the screen is shattered to oblivion, but the SIM card, the A8 chip, and the insert with the famous Apple logo on the back of the phone is still together. Plus, you can see the metal back is still functioning as well.


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